What we offer
We assist in protecting our clients' money from ungrounded challenges by the tax office, local authorities, upset employees and other parties.

Tax Investigation Protection

Lets be honest you came in business for that treasured commodity, money. Surprisingly there are so many who is after your money. Tax man being one of them.

Business Support

Big or small business there are a ways to make it more profitable. Efficient accounting and tax planning done on time is the best way to start. Read more how we can help your business.

Landlords Support

You have done it and finally invested in the property. Well done! What is next? What can go wrong now?

Elena Meskhi

Elena Meskhi

I'm a licensed accountant and tax advisor, leading the team of accountants and tax professionals here at Elena Meskhi & Co.

Together we are a team of specialists who are dedicated to delivering accountancy and tax services to our clients. Being an entrepreneur myself I also run other businesses as well as being a participating Board member.

My practical experience in business economics and structures helps me assess and see the challenges that businesses are facing and advise them in advance to take action.

Here at Elena Meskhi & Co we use that knowledge, and our combined knowledge, to ensure our clients are delivered the service they require.