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Each package pricing is only for 12-month contracts.

Small and Medium Business

We believe that it takes the implementation of the following six steps to reach a successful business lifestyle:

1. Pay yourself first
When you apply this first Principle you will change your mindset and your business dramatically.

2. Stocktake

Evaluate your business and plan your strategy to deal with the problems you are encountering.

3. Rewire
Create new routines that will create improvements in your business so that you stop repeating the same old patterns that have kept you stuck in a rut for so long.

4. Automate
We will help you discover key ways to automate your processes and how we can help you implement your strategy easily.

5. Optimise
We will help you learn how to get maximum value from us as your accountants.

6. Protect
This is the most essential step for any business owner. We will take you through the key ways to protect your business for the future.

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