Client of the Month (Jan 2023): Gem Bazaar Jewellery

Client of the Month (Jan 2023): Gem Bazaar Jewellery

Client of the Month Series

We decided to launch this series to highlight our client’s stories and wonderful achievements. Each client at Elena Meskhi & Co has a unique viewpoint on their industry and how they should operate. Each business started for a different reason, was born in a different country, and has a unique vision that drives them towards achieving its goals. Our first Client of the Month is Gem Bazaar. Find out more about this exquisite jewellery brand from an exclusive interview we had with Mr Stephen Plunkett. 

About Gem Bazaar

Gem Bazaar is a responsibly sourced, unique, glamorous jewellery company for the contemporary woman. Owned by Stephen and Emma Plunkett, partners who fell in love with Kolkata in India and were inspired for a lifetime as they created their successful jewellery brand. 

According to Mr Plunkett, running a family business has similar dynamics to any other business when it comes to discipline, focus, and having a clear vision. Emma is the Creative Director at Gem Bazaar. Living in India at a young age has created this everlasting love for Kolkata and its people. In comparison, Stephen fell in love with Kolkata while on a business trip 40 years ago. The couple had different backgrounds, Mrs Plunkett had a background in advertising while Mr Plunkett had a background in finance. One thing is certain: their passion and similar taste in jewellery have led to a very successful partnership at Gem Bazaar. 

The Unique Designs & Precious Stones

Gem Bazaar’s designs are exceptional, colourful and classy. These designs are the creation of Mrs Plunkett who organically creates these designs through phases of designing and testing until the final product is developed. A special story that Mr Plunkett shared with us during the interview is about the first time they encountered a jewellery wholesaler in India. "Captivating glistening jewels on the terrace reflected the sun’s light as we stood there.” It was described by Mr Plunkett as walking through Aladdin’s Cave, an utterly mesmerising and inspiring site. 

There’s More Than Just Jewels

Although Gem Bazaar sells jewellery, it’s on a mission to ensure its materials are responsibly sourced and sustainable. All their packaging is 100% biodegradable, their courier packaging is recyclable, and the silver and gold used in the jewellery are recycled. 

Gem Bazaar is a force for good! They are supporting a charity in India called Future Hope in Kolkata, where children without a home and family are provided refuge, education and equipped with the essential skills needed to get a job in the future. Alongside their education, these children spend time on fun extracurricular activities such as Rugby. And it’s fair to say that they’re great at it. This was the Plunkett’s way of giving back to the community where their materials are resourced. 

Triumphs, Vision, and Challenges

Mr Plunkett’s perception of a prideful moment as a business owner resided in being a force for good through his business. Another remarkable moment recalled by Mr Plunkett was when a local newspaper reached out to feature pieces of their jewellery for a Christmas collection. In moments like these, one can’t help but stop and look back at how far their business has come. 

As an e-commerce business running in today’s fast-paced world, one can’t help but face all the technological challenges that will eventually push the company to success. Mr Plunkett has expressed how technology is a core factor in running their business and how experts were able to fill the technological gap to take Gem Bazaar to new heights. 

Gem Bazaar is initially working to become a UK household name and then spread worldwide. 

A Rock-Solid Financial Foundation

Coming from a financial background, Mr Plunkett recommended that each business owner automate their financial processes. And he emphasises the importance of the accountant-business owner relationship, especially as the business grows. He expressed how great the accounting software is and how important it was to have an accountant alongside to help the business owner have that stable financial foundation. 

Mr Plunkett expressed how pleased he was with the standards and scope of services at Elena Meskhi and Co and, most importantly, our responsiveness. 

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