Companies House Tips on Filing a Company’s Confirmation Statement

February 9, 2023

Every business, including dormant and non-trading entities, is required to file a confirmation statement. It confirms that the information we have on file for your company is correct.

A confirmation statement must be filed no less than once a year, but you may choose to file more frequently.

What is a Confirmation Statement?

Each year, limited companies and LLPs must file a confirmation statement with Companies House. The confirmation statement of a corporation contains information about its directors and shareholders, whereas the confirmation statement of an LLP lists its members. The confirmation statement includes the registered office address for both limited companies and LLPs.

How to file your Confirmation Statement?

You can file your Confirmation Statement online on the government website. To file the form online, you need to have your password and authentication code. Don’t worry if you didn’t have them because you can register online. Another way you can file your confirmation statement is by post. To do that, you would need to download the confirmation statement form from the company’s house website. Once you fill out the form, you can post it to the Companies House with the address found on the form. If you are updating your company information, make sure to complete parts 1 to 4 on the form. Sending it by post costs you £40, and you mustn’t forget to send it in a cheque with your company number on the back. Check out our article about Filing the Confirmation Statement

What information updates to include before filing the Confirmation Statement form?

You must update any outdated or incorrect details when filling out your Confirmation Statement. The changes you need to make before filing your confirmation statement include:

-changes in directors and/or secretaries

-people with significant control (PSC)

-company’s registered office address.

Updates to make when you file your Confirmation Statement.

You can make the following changes within the additional information section while filing the Confirmation Statement:

-Standard Industrial Classification Code

-Statement of capital

-Trading status of shares

-Exemption from keeping a PSC register

-Shareholder information

Should you file a Confirmation Statement if nothing has changed?

Even if your company has not changed during the review period, you must file a confirmation statement. This verifies that your records are up to date and that the information we have on file is correct.

What is the review period for filing the Confirmation Statement?

Every 12 months, you must file at least one confirmation statement. Your 12-month review period begins on the following:

The date your company was formed and the date you filed your most recent confirmation statement. It’s important to note that your statement must be filed within 14 days of the end of your review period.

What happens if you file the confirmation statement early?

During your review period, you may file a statement at any time. If you file a confirmation statement early, a new 12-month review period will begin.

How much it costs to file your confirmation statement?

-It costs £13 to file your confirmation statement online.

-It costs £40 to file your confirmation statement via post. 

The choice is yours!

What is the payment period?

The payment period is quite distinct from the review period. It indicates when your annual fee is due.

A payment period lasts 12 months, beginning on the date of incorporation. For older businesses, each payment period lasts 12 months and ends on the anniversary of your last annual return's return date (AR01).

In case you didn’t know already, you cannot change your payment period. To know more about the Companies House’s review and payment periods, watch this video

Do you need to file a Confirmation Statement if you are restoring your company?

You must file a paper form CS01 if you are restoring a company to the register.

When restoring a company, the statement date that was due before it was struck off must be entered. Contact Companies House prior to filing your confirmation statement if you are unsure of the correct date (form CS01). Or reach out to Elena Meskhi & Co for support in filing your upcoming confirmation statement. 

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