Is transformational leadership missing from your business?

December 21, 2022

Who are transformational leaders?

Transformational leaders are often described as highly energetic, excited and passionate individuals. What makes these leaders stand out is their ability to streamline the business processes while helping every team member succeed and show their full potential. 

The benefits of being a transformational leader for your team are inspiring them to grow and excel, enhancing their confidence in their roles, and promoting loyalty. 

Components of Transformational Leadership

The more recent research within leadership by Bernard M Bass described the presence of four main types of transformational leadership that can drastically impact the workplace and the team. 

Intellectual Stimulation

Leaders in this category are not just focused on changing the status quo by increasing sales, building a competitive edge, or designing a new offering to make the business stand out in the market. Transformational leaders who apply intellectual stimulation want their team to think outside the box. They want the team members to be creative and explore multiple opportunities to learn from an ongoing situation or master a new skill. 

Individualised Consideration

Here transformational leaders focus on building a strong connection and relationship with their team. The leader wants to ensure that they are creating a supportive environment for the team and that the team always feels welcome to share opinions, communicate concerns, and feel heard. It’s important for leaders in this category to express appreciation for their team when sharing ideas and to communicate openly.

Inspirational Motivation

Transformational leaders do not just aim to inspire their team without a clear vision. They have a clear vision of where they want the business to be, both short-term and long-term. The leaders in this category want their team to have the drive and motivation to execute their tasks successfully to achieve these goals. 

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