How to Avoid Your Accountant's Bug Bears

November 21, 2023

This month we celebrated International Accounting Day which is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of accountants who play a crucial role in helping businesses thrive. However, it's no secret that accountants often find themselves faced with certain challenges – the infamous "bug bears." To shed light on these common frustrations, we offer valuable advice on how business owners can avoid them, ultimately making the accountant-client relationship smoother and more effective.  

Here are some tips to avoid accountant’s bug bears: 

1.    Don't Ghost Your Accountant

For your information, ghosting isn't just a dating phenomenon; it happens to accountants too. The importance of timely communication is a must. Because leaving calls and emails unanswered, especially as the deadline for filing accounts approaches, can hinder the accountant's ability to manage accounts effectively.Learn to respond promptly to ensure that the necessary information is obtained, making the accounting process smoother and more efficient.

2.    Avoid Last-Minute Rush

Procrastination can be an accountant's worst nightmare. Waiting until the eleventh hour to share financial information or documents puts unnecessary pressure on both parties. We encourage business owners to adopt proactive measures and share information well in advance. This not only allows for timely filing of accounts but also contributes to a more stress-free working relationship.

3.    Consult Before Big Purchases

Making significant purchases without consulting your accountant first can lead to financial headaches. We advise business owners to engage with your accountants in discussions before committing to big-ticket items. This proactive approach enables accountants to provide guidance on the most tax-efficient ways to make such purchases, potentially saving the business money in the long run 

4.    Rely on Professional Advice, Not Pub Talk

While advice from friends and family may be well-intentioned, we want to emphasize the importance of relying on professional expertise. Tax rules and regulations are constantly evolving, and accountants are best equipped to stay abreast of these changes. Trusting your accountant's knowledge and seeking their advice ensures that your business aligns with the latest policies, preventing potential pitfalls.

5.    Maintain Clear Separation of Expenses

Blurring the lines between personal and business expenses is a common challenge. Here’s a simple advise do not use a single bank account for both personal and business transactions. This practice makes it difficult for accountants to distinguish between the two, potentially resulting in missed opportunities for deductible business expenses. Maintaining a clear separation streamlines the accounting process and reduces tax liabilities.

Accountants are more than just number crunchers; they are essential partners in your business journey. By addressing these common bug bears and fostering open communication with your accountant, you not only make their job easier but also set the stage for a more prosperous and efficient business. After all, your success is their success.

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