Who is affected by the new governmental rental reform?

August 4, 2022

79% of landlords in the UK have expressed that they do not have any plans to either increase, nor decrease their buy-to-let portfolio, anytime soon. This is in line of the prospective governmental reformations of the private-owned rental domain. 

In a survey conducted by considering 1,059 landlords, 7% of them discussed that they wish to decrease the size of their available property as a result of the government’s new schemes for reformation in the rental sector.

The new reforms taken by the government shall include:-

  • Eradicating Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions.
  • Alleviating blanket bans on tenants who wish to rent with pets, with children or those who may wish to rent on benefits.
  • A wider notice period to alert the tenant and give them enough time to experience an increase in rent.

Approximately 4% of the landlords considered, stated that they shall enhance their buy-to-let portfolio.

Thus the survey displayed a varied set of reactions to the government’s new rent sector schemes. Nevertheless, a majority of 60% support the idea of providing tenants with freedom and authority to curb any rent review clauses which could prevent “unjustified rent increases”.

Moreover, 58% of the landlords surveyed expressed that they are in favour of the policy to increase the notice period on an increment in the rent amount. 

More importantly, 89% of the landlords supported the idea of the creation of a new ombudsman in order to manage rental market matters.

However, there was a majority containing 60% of the landlords who did not favour the annulment of Section 21 evictions. Moreover, 57% were against the idea of tenants being allowed to bring a pet animal with them.

The research also showed that 60% did not support the abolition of Section 21 evictions and 57 per cent said they were against allowing tenants to rent with a pet. Similarly, they were against the idea of not banning tenants on benefits. 

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